At Waterscape, we carry only the highest quality hot tub, swim spa, and pool accessories that suit any need. The proper accessories can make a great aquatic experience turn into a phenomenal one. Whether you want to make your hot tub more accessible to everyone in your family, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, or even have some fun, we have everything you need.

Spa Care

Make caring for your investment easier and less time-consuming with our spa-vacs, filter cleaning wands and pre-filters. We can also make cleaning your tub easier and safer with our specially designed walnut scouring pads. Or try out one of our Zorbie hot tub water bobbles to eliminate foaming, making for a fresh, clear, fun experience.


We carry a wide variety of high-quality aromatherapy products that won’t affect your water chemistry in a negative way. Pour in some tiger balm to ease your sore muscles, use eucalyptus to breath easy, or try lavender scents to help yourself sleep. If you love a scent that we don’t carry in our regular inventory, we are more than happy to quickly order it in at no extra charge.


Make your tub safely accessible for the whole family. We carry a variety of solutions to help our customers get into and out tubs safely and easily, this is especially important with our challenging Canadian winters. Our experts can tailor a solution that works for everybody, in any environment or situation.


Maximizing your relaxation time is vital. We carry an extensive catalogue of cover lifters, easy storage solutions, spa tables and even floating bars if you want to spend less time fussing over details, and more time enjoying your water.

Water fun

Want to play cards in your hot tub? How about volleyball in the pool? Sometimes you just want to float away on an inflatable slice of pizza or feel like a celebrity riding around on a huge swan. We can help with that. Ask us about our many recreational products to enhance your aquatic experience.