Rollaway Swim Spa Covers

This next generation one-piece spa cover creates a complete seal on top of a swim spa, locking the heat, lowering energy consumption and cost. The Rollaway Spa Cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 seconds, providing immediate access to the swim spa for swimming, aqua fitness, and hydrotherapy.

Manufactured using the highest quality commercial grade materials, providing strong durable, lockable safety cover. The Rollaway Spa Cover is built to last in all elements and weather conditions, fully framed to handle snow load. In fact, 97% of the swim spa’s infrared heat is reflected into the swim spa tank which makes the cover the most insulated part of the swim spa. The top and stitching are all UV protected and will not deteriorate over time or in direct sunlight.

Rollaway Swim Spa Cover Features

  • 25% Lighter than other rolling swim spa cover brands and super easy to roll back revealing your swim spa.
  • Rollaway Spa Covers constructed with non-collapsible supports to keep its shape in all weather conditions
  • Durable waterproof and weatherproof fabric that is double stitched on all seems to ensure a tight secure bond and x-pattern stitched on all locking straps to keep your cover secure during high winds.
  • Exclusive triple thermal shield technology has 3 distinct insulated layers and two insulated air pockets.
  • Exclusive patented grommets allow trapped hot air to escape while rolling up the cover.
  • Solid construction, the expanded cover will easily support an individual’s weight if need be.

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