Since the dawn of civilization, we’ve understood and appreciated the benefits of being in hot water. Ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all enjoyed their hot baths. The Romans even developed elaborately heated bath houses to relax and socialize in. People have always been flocking to natural hot springs to enjoy their warmth.

The key to the therapeutic effects of a hot tub lay in a few factors:

  • Buoyancy: Our bodies naturally feel about 90% lighter when we’re immersed in water, taking pressure off our joints and muscles, this makes moving around feel effortless as opposed to fighting gravity.
  • Temperature: Hot temperatures help promote circulation and naturally relax muscles. After being in warm water for even a short period of time, people feel far more at ease and comfortable, especially with the added buoyancy.
  • Massage: Where we have a real edge with modern hot tubs, is the massage. Regular massages that you might pay for at the spa have been proven effective at relieving pain, stress and muscle tension. When you add hydrotherapy into the mix (buoyancy and temperature), these effects are amplified. You can also skip the spa fee.

By combining ancient knowledge with contemporary ingenuity, we can create the ultimate therapeutic tool that sits in your own backyard. Here are just a few benefits of using a hot tub.

Stress Relief

Modern life can be stressful, for better or worse, we’re far more connected to stresses than ever before. Most hot tub owners find that these worries quickly slip away when they slip into their hot tub and begin enjoying the three benefits that naturally soothe and relax their bodies.

woman rubbing her head


Your body is constantly cycling blood from your extremities. Sometimes there are a couple of issues with this process that can make you uncomfortable (think about the feeling of pins and needles in your arms and legs). Buoyancy and temperature aids in your natural circulation, when we add massage into the mix, we see real, tangible improvements to your circulation.


Massage has been proven to relieve aching muscles; hydrotherapy massage has had even better results. All models of Hydropool hot tubs have been designed with professional input by physiotherapists to provide a full body massage when all the seats are used in a circuit, making sure that all your muscles receive the attention they need.

Joint Therapy

As we age, our joints tend become a bit more rigid. The buoyancy of a hot tub relieves the stress placed on your joints. When we combine this relief with warm temperature and massage, over time, you’ll find that your overall flexibility will improve, and you’ll notice less aches and pains from everyday activity.


By combining the benefits your hot tub provides you with stress relief, circulation, muscle, and joint therapy, sleeping well at night becomes a much easier proposition. Many hot tub owners like to incorporate a soak into their bedtime routine, this helps let their body know that it’s time to relax and recharge for the day ahead.


Most professional sports teams utilize hot tubs in their training regimens for the simple fact that their athletes recover from the stresses of training and injury much more quickly than with conventional massage. If you’ve suffered muscle trauma or muscle stress from repeated motion, you’ll find yourself feeling like yourself again much faster with the benefits of your hot tub.

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