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If you are considering purchasing a hot tub, make sure that you choose a model that will allow you and your family to maximize your enjoyment. The best choice? A Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub.

Hydropool’s patented Self-Cleaning Technology cleaning 100% of the hot tub’s water every 15 minutes, keeping your water sanitary and crystal clear while you relax. Other conventional hot tubs can take hours to completely filter the water, increasing energy consumption, and encouraging unclean water conditions.

Several key components create Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning technology. Filtration jets to clean the surface water and push debris floating on the water’s surface to the skimmer and pre-filter for removal. The pre-filter and high flow skimmer remove floating dirt, moving it into the pre-filter while increasing filtration and extending the cleaning cycles. A floor vacuum is used to automatically remove debris from the floor of the hot tub and helps circulate water care products. Finally, pressurized dual-core micro-filter filters the water to keep everything clean and clear while remaining out of sight and contact with people using the hot tub.

To benefit from the highest self-cleaning standards in the industry and the lowest owner maintenance possible, choose a Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub.

Signature Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Models

379 – 3 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $12,995.00

455 – 4 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $14,395.00

579 – 5 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $14,395.00

655 – 6 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $15,995.00

679 – 6 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $15,995.00

728 – 7 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $19,495.00

779 – 7 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $19,495.00

799 – 7 Person Self-Cleaning


Starting from: $19,995.00


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