How to Know if a Hot Tub or Swim Spa is the Best Fit for Your Home

While both a hot tub and a swim spa are excellent options, one might be a better fit for your space than the other. By looking at the differences and unique benefits of each, you can make a choice that fits your home perfectly. Below, we’ll provide you with what you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

Why People Love Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Taking a dip in a hot tub can be the ultimate way to unwind after a tiring day. The warm water paired with massage jets helps to soothe your muscles and take your stress away. Essentially, hot tubs have massage jets that are designed to target aches and pains and there are many benefits that come with this. Swim spas, on the other hand, combine the benefits of a traditional swimming pool and a hot tub, and allow you to exercise and stay active all year round. One of the top benefits of a swim spa is that you can choose a jet setting that matches your preferences and skills, so you can easily increase the intensity of your workouts as you’d like.

Hot tubs and swim spas offer many similar benefits. This is why a lot of people find it hard to choose between the two. Both can provide a great way to relax and unwind, as well as an ideal place to socialize with friends and family. You can also enjoy either a hot tub or a swim spa all year round. Additionally, both options can provide health benefits such as pain relief, increased circulation, improved mobility, and better overall health.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Between a Hot Tub and a Swim Spa

Hot tubs and swim spas have key differences that can help you check which one is right for you and your needs. By comparing all the differences and considering other important factors, you can make an informed decision. Here are some questions to ask before you decide:

1. How Big is Your Space and How Many Seats Are You Looking for?

Size and seating capacity are important factors when deciding between hot tubs and swim spas. Hot tubs are smaller, making them the ideal choice for smaller yards and patios. Square models are typically 6 x 6 feet long and 8 x 8 feet wide. Rectangular models are around the same size, with a slight difference in measurements. Swim spas are bigger and can take up more space. However, they usually have fewer seats to make more room for the swimming area. The average swim spa size is around 12 to 21 feet long and 8 feet wide.

2. Is Having a Space to Exercise Important to You?

A hot tub is designed primarily with relaxation in mind. With ergonomic seating and massage jets, it provides a great way to unwind and de-stress. If you’re only looking for a place to rest and enjoy a relaxing soak, then a hot tub might be an excellent option for you. Meanwhile, if fitness is also important and you’d like an all-in-one solution for both relaxing and exercising, then a swim spa is your best bet. It has powerful jets that create a steady current for swimming, allowing you to stay active right at home. You can also opt to turn off the jets and enjoy a warm soak just as you would in a hot tub.

3. What is Your Budget?

The average price of a hot tub will range depending on various aspects. The size and features of the model you choose will determine the overall price. Swim spas, on the other hand, are typically more expensive than hot tubs, because they’re bigger and more versatile. If you have a larger budget, a swim spa can be well worth the investment because of the additional benefits it offers. For more specific information when it comes to the exact pricing of hot tubs and swim spas in your region, it’s best to contact your local spa dealer.

Choosing between a hot tub and a swim spa starts with understanding their differences and unique benefits. At the end of the day, it all comes down to which one best fits your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. It’s important to weigh all the key factors to determine which one might be best suited to your space.

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