• How Hot Is Too Hot for a Hot Tub?

    There are many advantages to owning a hot tub, such as relieving aches and pains and helping reduce stress and anxiety. On top of all these benefits, hot tubs also provide the perfect space for the whole family to enjoy. But how do you find the perfect hot tub temperature for each person? Understanding that […]

  • The Electrical Components of a Hot Tub

    A majority of hot tubs require a 50 to 60-amp circuit, which requires a voltage of 220 to 240V.  It’s important to note that the requirements for your hot tub may vary depending on the make, model, manufacturer, and type. This recommendation is based on the knowledge that you’ll be running multiple parts of your hot […]

  • How to Relax in a Hot Tub

    Spending time in a hot tub is meant to be relaxing. The warm and massaging water creates physiological effects that relax both the body and the brain. Blood circulation is improved, blood pressure is lowered, and muscles are relaxed. But are there other things you can do to increase the enjoyment and relaxation associated with […]

  • How Do Hot Tubs Fight Inflammation?

    Although hot tubs might be more popularly known for their legendary parties, there are also therapeutic benefits to soaking in their warm, massaging waters. For those who suffer from pain caused by overexertion, injury or disease, a hot tub can be a welcome panacea. Most often this pain is a result of inflammation caused by […]

  • What Is Hydropool Zone Therapy?

    Hydropool has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 40 years. In that time, it has become a world leader in hot tub research and development. One of its most popular proprietary hot tub innovations has been Zone Therapy. What is Hydropool Zone Therapy? This article will explain. The Hydropool Zone Therapy System Hydropool’s Zone Therapy […]

  • The Benefits of Hydrotherapy and Hot Tub Use

    Spending time in the warm massaging waters of a hot tub can provide more benefits than what first might come to mind. Of course, hot tubs are well known as places of relaxation and social congregation, but there are many other physical and mental advantages to soaking in a hot tub. Below are some of […]

  • What Age Can a Child Get in a Hot Tub?

    Safety is always a concern when children are in or around any body of water. However, when it comes to hot tubs, extra vigilance is necessary. The high temperatures and the strong suction created by the water pump can create even more hazards – especially for younger children. So, what age can a child get […]

  • How Does a Swim Spa Compare to Lap Swimming?

    Swim spas have been the most recent answer to the phenomenon of smaller living spaces and increased urban density.  Full sized swimming pools and lap pools require quite a large amount of space that may not be available to today’s average city dweller.  And while swim spas may have provided a solution for those who […]