The Electrical Components of a Hot Tub

A majority of hot tubs require a 50 to 60-amp circuit, which requires a voltage of 220 to 240V.  It’s important to note that the requirements for your hot tub may vary depending on the make, model, manufacturer, and type. This recommendation is based on the knowledge that you’ll be running multiple parts of your hot tub at once, from the pumps and heaters in your swimming spas to all other electrical items.

When it comes to the installation process, a licensed electrician is required to install your hot tub’s wiring. It’s essential to find an experienced, reputable electrician to be a part of your installation process for many reasons. When dealing with something as delicate and specific as electrical wiring, especially when both water and electricity are involved, it is very important to ensure you hire someone with lots of experience.

A Hot Tubs Ideal Breaker Size:

A 50 to 60-amp circuit breaker is the best option for a hot tub. An electrician will need to hard-wire your spa to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, according to the National Electrical Code. Also known as a GFCI, this works to actively prevent electrocution by cutting off power before anyone is able to get hurt. These circuit interrupters are almost always installed in areas where an electrical circuit may be in direct contact water. When it comes to self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas, Hydropool recommends using a Siemens brand GFCI.

Another important thing to keep in mind during the installation process, is how far your hot tub should be from your home and what is needed between the two to ensure safety. Also known as a manual disconnected device, a spa panel or hot tub electrical panel should be connected between your home’s main breaker panel and your hot tub. These two pieces provide the power necessary for your spa to function correctly and ensure that there are no accidents.

Best Practices For Wiring A Hot Tub:

Your electrician will need a variety of things to wire your hot tub. For example, this includes an electrician’s tape measure, wire stripper, conduit, and electrical grease, just to name a few.

Even though you won’t be directly doing this work yourself, it’s still important to understand how it works. Before mounting your spa panel, your electrician should turn off the power to your main breaker. It is imperative that your spa panel is not located within five feet of your spa. The next step is digging a conduit tunnel. This will vary depending on where you live and what your building code is, so it’s important to be well versed in what the laws and rules of your district are. You electrician should avoid running wires or the conduit directly beneath your hot tub, as this could cause potential safety issues.

A Hot Tubs Required Circuit:

It’s important to remember that a hot tub should always have its own circuit. Hot tubs of standard size will need a 220 to 240-V breaker, a 50 to 60-amp breaker, and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It is important that the circuit where the hot tub is plugged into is not used for any other devices. It should be dedicated solely to the hot tub itself, in order to prevent overloading the breaker and for the safety of your tub and everyone around.

Burying A Hot Tubs Wires:

The average depth that hot tub wires need to be buried is approximately 18 inches. However, is important to learn the laws and regulations of your specific area before beginning to dig.

This is also where professionals are needed to inspect your property for any pipes or cables before they begin to dig. This will ensure that nothing gets damaged through the process of setting up your hot tub.

These are some of the most important steps to be aware of when it comes down to the electrical work necessary to properly install a hot tub. When you hire a reliable electrician to do the work, you can feel confident that your home, family, and neighbours are kept safe once everything is installed.

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