What Is Hydropool Zone Therapy?

Hydropool has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 40 years. In that time, it has become a world leader in hot tub research and development. One of its most popular proprietary hot tub innovations has been Zone Therapy. What is Hydropool Zone Therapy? This article will explain.

The Hydropool Zone Therapy System

Hydropool’s Zone Therapy is similar to circuit training done by athletes in a gym. But rather than using various stations to build muscle and endurance, Hydropool Zone Therapy is about using different zones of the hot tub to produce a better overall sense of wellbeing. When implementing a Wellness Program, users are guided from seat to seat to help relieve back and leg pain, headaches, stress, insomnia, and fatigue. Some programs can help with dieting and other wellness goals.

The Four Elements of Zone Therapy


Hydropool hot tubs are equipped with two different strengths of jets. The more forceful jets are used to stimulate tissues deep below the skin, improve blood circulation, and flush out toxins. The more moderately powered jets are used to help create a calm and soothing atmosphere within the hot tub. The two types of jets combine to create a balance of massage that works on both the body and the mind.

Jet Location

Hydropool jets are expertly located to maximize the effectiveness of physical and mental stimulation. The different zones of the hot tub use varying jet configurations to stimulate various muscle groups.


Hydropool has invested heavily in researching the influence of seating on effective hydrotherapy. Seating is not an afterthought in Hydropool hot tubs. They are designed to provide comfort and relaxation by eliminating pressure points and reducing the effects of gravity as much as possible.


The amount of time the user spends in each zone influences the outcome of the Wellness Program. To ensure maximum benefit, the amount of time prescribed for each zone has been calibrated according to the intended results.

The Four Zones of Zone Therapy

Zone 1 – Core Zone

Zone 1 focuses on the body’s core. Jets are directed towards the shoulders, back, ribs, and kidney area. Pain and tension in this area of the body can affect every other part of the body, including the mind. Zone 1 has been designed to alleviate strain and pressure by relaxing the muscles and nerves in this area of the body.

Zone 2 – Lower Body Zone

Zone 2 covers the lower back, hips, thighs, hands, and wrists. Tightness and soreness in these parts of the body can affect both maneuverability and fine motor skills. The lower body zone uses massage to flush away pain-causing toxins, relieve pressure on joints, and soothe overstimulated nerves.

Zone 3 – Upper Body Zone

The upper body zone comprises the neck, shoulders, and upper back area. Tightness and muscle knots in the upper body can increase the frequency of headaches and hinder mobility. The jets in the upper body zone are arranged to address tightness and knots in the muscles of these body parts.

Zone 4 – Reflexology Zone

The reflexology zone concentrates on the feet, including the arches, and the ankles. Because of the weight that these body parts constantly support, they easily become overworked. This can lead to pain and chronic bone and joint issues. The jets in Zone 4 are configured according to the fundamentals of reflexology while also encouraging circulation.

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