What is the Difference Between a Swim Spa and Swim Tether?

Using a swim spa or tether has many different benefits, and practicing swimming in a compact space is one of them. Rather than swimming back and forth, like you would in a traditional in-ground or above-ground pool, swimming in a swim spa or using a tether allows you to swim in one place. But how exactly does it work?

How Does Using a Swim Tether Work?

A swim tether is an aid that allows you to swim in place by attaching one end to your body and the other to your pool or swim spa. The tether acts as a guide to centre you so that you can get great resistance while having a smooth and low-impact workout. Rather than doing laps back and forth in a pool, a tether gives professional swimmers or individuals who simply enjoy swimming a superb workout. A tether can be added to in-ground pools, above-ground pools, lap pools, swim spas and more. It’s a tool that is used so you can focus on things like form, technique, breathing, and equal rotation of both arms. Along with the benefits it provides for swimming, a tether is also commonly used for therapy or rehabilitation as it allows for low-impact exercises. This has to do with the fact that water is known to be a great environment to aid in healing, as you can exercise and strengthen without feeling any aches or pain. Using a tether in this way is also versatile enough that you can swim, run, walk or do strengthening exercises. Simply attach the tether to a safe and secure spot and proceed with whatever exercise you feel will help you.

How Does Swimming in a Swim Spa Work?

Swimming in a swim spa is fairly straightforward as the current created by the jets in combination with your momentum is all you need to swim in one place. Because the jets of a swim spa are adjustable, you can easily change how intense you’d like your swim to be. So if you’re a professional athlete or someone swimming for pleasure or exercise, then you can simply adjust how strong the jets are in your spa, which will change the current you’re swimming against.

There are so many benefits to using a swim spa, and like a tether, it also provides just the right environment to improve technique, endurance and more. Many swim spas will also have treadmill technology which means you can just as easily walk or run in your swim spa as you can swim. On top of these features are also accessories that can be added to give you a full workout.

Of course, all of the features will vary from one swim spa to the next, but the main consistent thing is how the jets work to give you an excellent environment to exercise. Therefore, regardless of the make or model you get, your swim spa will provide just what you need so you can swim in place, no matter the intensity. However, if you’re new to swimming in one spot instead of doing laps, then you can always add something like a tether for some extra support. That’s right, both of these things can actually be combined to give you a great workout! Many Hydropool swim spas will offer an anchor point that’s meant to hold a tether in place. So whether you’d like to combine the two or not, both of these options will provide great benefits to your swim workout. Therefore, you can feel confident that not only will you be getting an incredible workout, but you will be able to do so in a low-impact, safe way.

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