Pool Water Care

Proper pool care doesn’t have be a daunting, or confusing affair. At Waterscape Hot Tubs & Pools, we make having perfect water easy to understand, and affordable. We carry only the best, most concentrated pool care products to limit waste, and maximize efficiency.

We are so confident in our products and knowledge that we now offer the TRU-BLU guarantee on all our pool products: if you make use of our full pool solution line and get algae in your pool, we’ll fix it for free.

We use a state-of-the-art spin lab to test your pool water to get accurate and fast results, this service has always, and will always be free. Our professional staff strive to make sure that you’re comfortable both in your pool, and out of it.


Keeping your pool clean and free of harmful contaminants is a priority. We carry a wide variety of solutions to keep your water clear and safe, without feeling harsh or unnatural. Our pool experts are more than happy to customize a modern sanitation solution that works for you.


These products are also known as ‘non-chlorine shock’, they burn away unwanted contaminants that your filter can’t catch. Shocking on a regular basis will keep your pool looking and smelling perfect and allow your sanitizer to go back to keeping you and your family safe.


The perfect pool requires a perfect balance of pH and alkalinity. By using high-quality, concentrated balancers, your pool will look and feel it’s best in no time. Our team of water experts can test your water free of charge and give you a prescription for exactly what you need to attain harmony in your pool, saving you time, and money.

Enhancers and Specialty Products

No matter what ails your pool, or even your pool area, we have a solution. Enhancers will make your pool look and feel wonderful. Our specialty products make general pool care much easier, from preventing UV from depleting your sanitizer supply, to eliminating all traces of phosphates or cloudiness from your water. We even have a product that prevents your water from evaporating. Ask our professionals about what’s right for you, today.


The formation of algae has been a problem for pool owners since the very beginning. Luckily, there have been some major improvements in the science of dealing with, or even preventing algae from forming in the first place. Make algae a thing of the past, where it belongs, with our high-quality algaecides and advice on how to best utilize them in your pool.

Salt-Water Products

Salt-water pools have become an industry favourite, and we can understand why! However, a salt pool is going to behave quite a bit differently than their freshwater counterparts. Waterscape has an entire line of products that are designed and formulated specifically for this type of water. Maximize your enjoyment and minimize the money you’ll spend by asking about how our ‘Saltscape’ products can work for you.

We are so confident in our pool products that we guarantee your pool will be free of algae, if algae does form, we’ll fix it, for free! *Must qualify as part of the Tru Blu Program