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Hydropool’s Aquasport swim spas are made for the everyday athlete. Our industry leading design allows you to swim at the speed you’re most comfortable with, without ever having to worry about hitting the edge, needing to turn around, or having to be attached to an uncomfortable tether. With Hydropool’s slipstream jet technology and superior hydraulics, you can enjoy swimming against a perfect, strong current without having the surface of the water being disrupted.

Aquasport swim spas are also a perfect all-season pool. Made in Canada, with Canadian winters in mind, these swim spas allow your entire family to enjoy a relaxing dip, no matter what the weather is like outside, while still being energy efficient.

AquaSport Models

14 AX – AquaSport

14 AX AquaSport

Starting from: $35,995.00

17 AX – AquaSport

17 AX AquaSport-

Starting from: $41,895.00

19 DTAX – AquaSport

AquaSport 19 DTfX

Starting from: $50,495.00

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