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Hydropool’s Aquatrainer swim spas are built around the concept of ‘the perfect swim’. They represent the absolute best made, and best performing swim spa in the entire industry. The Aquatrainer offers digital ‘aquapro’ controls that can be tailored to suit a swimmer at any skill level, from novice to Olympian. New, patented, V-twin jets provide an exceptional amount of power – up to 1400 gallons of water per minute – while still offering a deeper, wider and smoother current than anything seen before.

Built with pride in Canada, trainers are also extremely energy efficient and cost-effective compared to installing an in-ground pool. They can also be used in every season, making it easy for you and your family to get into shape, or just relax, every day of the year.

AquaTrainer Models

14 AX – AquaTrainer

14 AX AquaTrainer

Starting from: $44,295.00

17 AX – AquaTrainer

17 AX AquaTrainer

Starting from: $50,395.00

19 DTAX – AquaTrainer

AquaTrainer 19DTfX

Starting from: $59,295.00

The Hydropool V-Twin Jet


Form Smart Swim Goggles

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Fitness Break: Suntan Superman


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