Executive Series Swim Spas


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These Swim Spas represent the ultimate evolution of Hydropool’s perfect swim. Executive series swim spas feature a completely streamlined shell design, patented self-clean technology, a completely turbulence free swim, superior jetting and fantastic energy consumption.

These models can be Canadian made as either a sport or a trainer.

The sport features our brand new and patented accuflo swim jets for a smooth swim and great workout for people at an average to advanced swimming level. These models are also fantastic all-season pools, that you can enjoy every single day of the year.

Our trainer is simply the best swim spa ever created. The executive trainer features digital controls with preset fitness programs, allowing you to use the swim spa as a treadmill, without any mechanical parts. These controls also allow anyone, at any fitness level, to enjoy a perfect swim. Executive trainers feature our brand new, patented, v-twin jetting system, this system is capable of outputting over 1400 gallons of water in a minute – an industry record – while not disturbing the surface of the water. Even world-class athletes find the executive trainer to be a challenging and useful piece of fitness equipment.

Executive Models

16 Ex – Executive Sport

16 Ex Executive Sport

Starting from: $40,795.00

19 Ex – Executive Sport

19 EX Executive Sport

Starting from: $47,295.00

16 Ex – Executive Trainer

16 Ex Executive Trainer

Starting from: $51,495.00

19 Ex – Executive Trainer

19 Ex Executive Trainer

Starting from: $57,295.00

Executive Trainer Swim Spa


The Hydropool V-Twin Jet

Form Smart Swim Goggles


The Hydropool 19 EX Trainer


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