Tranquility Barrel Sauna


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2-6 Person Outdoor Sauna

  • Large Barrel Sauna
  • 8′ Interior Benches
  • Great Value

The Canadian Timber Tranquility is the largest barrel sauna in the Canadian Timber collection. This traditional barrel shaped sauna includes a covered cool down porch, tempered glass door and tempered glass windows on each side. Inside you can sit or stretch out on long linear benches on each side spanning the length of the barrel. This sauna offers plenty of room for friends and family to enjoy together. The light tone of the Eastern White Cedar paired with the tight knots provides this sauna with a raw natural style, and the traditional barrel shape reduces unused space, heating more efficiently. Choose between a hybrid Western Cedar and Hemlock construction or Eastern White Cedar. Heat sources include either an electric or traditional wood stove. If you are looking for a large classic barrel sauna, the Canadian Timber Tranquility is an easy choice.


BRAND: Leisurecraft

COLLECTION: Canadian Timber

Model: Tranquility Barrel Sauna


CRATE SIZE: 120” x 45” x 34” High

DIMENSIONS: 79” W x 79” T x 118” L



  • Made in Canada
  • Sustainable Sourced Eastern White Cedar from Canada
  • Two Front Windows
  • Window in Door
  • 45cm / 17.71″ Front Porch
  • Removable Flat Floor
  • Solid Wood Benches, Wide Enough to Lay Down
  • Aluminum Bands with Stainless Steel Bolts for Tightning
  • Available with Electric or Woodburning Heater

STARTING FROM: $7,395.00

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Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna

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